Seven hundred friends, and I was drinking alone

By Deane Barker on October 25, 2008

Facebook in a Crowd: This guy invited his 700 friends on Facebook to join him for a beer. One showed.

I would learn, when I asked some people who didn’t show up the next day, that “definitely attending” on Facebook means “maybe” and “maybe attending” means “likely not.” So I probably shouldn’t have taken it personally.

[…] The beer arrived, a British import: Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. I raised my glass in a solitary toast and promised myself I’d spend less time online. Then I took a gulp: the beer was delicious but bittersweet. Seven hundred friends, and I was drinking alone.



  1. Agree with cmadler above but, besides that…

    I /still/ don’t get facebook & other social sites… Besides gawdy, in-your-face multimedia, what do they bring to the table that nntp hasn’t offered? Color me jaundiced.

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