SMS Bandwidth is Expensive

By Deane Barker on October 13, 2008

The True Price of SMS Messages: Wireless companies appear to make a killing off text messaging.

So far I can make the following statements concerning the costs of bandwidth […] Cost to transfer 2560 songs:

From my ISP: $1
Via SMS messaging: $15,339,212.80

He goes through all the math and reasoning, and it’s pretty solid.



  1. And he completely ignores infrastructure costs. I don’t know how the GSM carriers do things, but the store and forward infrastructure for CDMA SMS is ginormous. Not to mention the support costs. (Hint, how much spam do you get to your cell-phone with it’s nice and predictable email address compared to, say, your gmail address?)

    When you spread it out, badnwidth is essentially free. I won’t argue that. Ingrastructure and support, that costs.

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