Quiznos Group Ordering

By Deane Barker on October 3, 2008

One of the cool things about working at Blend is lunch on Fridays. The company buys lunch for everyone, and we eat as a group. You’re required to discuss your weekend plans ([sigh] not really — see the comments), and we toss some business stuff in there as well.

But, ordering lunch is a pain. First we have to decide where to order from, then we have to collect all the orders, then someone has to call it in from their notes on Skype, etc. It’s a pain.

Turns out, Quiznos (in Sioux Falls, at least) now does deliveries, and they’ve built something stone-cold perfect for us and probably the best ordering interface and flow I’ve seen on the Net.

You go to their site, start a “Group” order, and enter everyone’s email address. Then, everyone gets an email like this:

You have been invited by Joe Kepley to place a food order at Quiznos – East 10th Street.

Good News – Joe Kepley will be paying for your order.

Click here to start your order.

Or click here to notify Joe Kepley of your intent to not participate.

Please submit your completed order by Friday October 03, 2008 11:45 PM.

If you have any questions about this order, contact Joe Kepley at [email] or [phone].

We hope you enjoy your meal.

You click the link, browse the menu, and when you check out, you just get a notification that your order has been added to Joe’s. Joe can see who has added their order. When everyone has, he pays, and we get subs.

Really great interface. I’m sure someone else is doing this, but this is the first I’ve seen of it.



  1. You require everyone to discuss their weekend plans? That would be so annoying. My answer every week would be, “none of your effing business”.

    The free lunch is cool, though…

  2. My answer every week would be, “none of your effing business”.

    So, you’re enjoying a nice lunch with people are all friends and work together all day and genuinely like each other, and someone says, “So, what are you doing this weekend?”

    Your answer would seriously be “none of your effing business”? Seriously?

  3. I was just at Subway, ordering for a group of people and had this same idea. It’s such a simple solution – grouping individual online orders – and nice to see it implemented.

    As for my effing business… I worked in an office where everyone (about 8 employees or so) stopped working and ate lunch as a group. The company had sandwich fixin’s in the office or we’d order from the takeout place down the street. But we always ate together. It made for a wonderful convivial atmosphere.

    I think what MenoRikes is irritated at is the idea that discussing weekend plans was a requirement. And I’m guessing further that Dean didn’t mean it as a “requirement”, but as a conversation starter.

    Not to put words in your mouths :)

  4. Someone saying, “So, what are you doing this weekend?”, is different than “You’re required to discuss your weekend plans”.

    I just feel there should be a separation between personal life and work life and, unfortunately, a lot of companies (especially small companies) feel that are one in the same.

  5. Someone saying, “So, what are you doing this weekend?”, is different than “You’re required to discuss your weekend plans”.

    Point taken, I guess. What we do is go around the table, and everyone volunteers what they’re doing over the weekend. No one has complained yet, I guess.

  6. @ MenoLikey

    Wow, you must be fun to work with…

    Seriously, why not just a casual, “I’m just going to stay home and chill” remark? It’s really not that hard to get along with people if try.

    I would make sure to institute this policy just so I won’t end up hiring people like you…

  7. eep! Not to be outrageous but, getting back to Quiznos… there was a post on consumerist dot com a while back about a customer’s experience in on-line ordering. Not the smooth-as-silk experience you all apparently had.

    Search on “quiznos takes your money.”

    Also, I’m going to date myself here but, anyone else remember when SCO and Pizza Hut announced Pizzanet… back in -oh- 15 years ago?

  8. Being an employee at Blend for a month now has been such a sigh of relief. The atmosphere is something that every employee dreams of and it is such a laid back place to work. Everyone is in high spirits and everyone mends well with each other. I haven’t worked for a place like this and i have nothing but good things to say about working at blend.

    As for the dinner, yes, blend pays for meals for everyone on fridays and we sit and have kind of like a family dinner. We are not required to share what we are doing with our personal life but you have to realize that the people we work are really “tight” with each other. It is really a pretty close nit group of people. Coming for a person that started just over a month ago, it was a shock to see that there was fun to be had in the work place. It truely is fun. We have a wonderful time and honestly, we work very very hard, but we enjoy it alot. Wouldn’t work anywhere else!!!!!!!!

  9. Okay, Josh, you can have the damn raise already. Jeez.

    (Just kidding. Thanks for the comments — what you described is what I always hoped my company would be, I guess.)

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