By Deane Barker on September 29, 2008

wikEd: If you spend a lot of time working in Wikipedia (or any MediaWiki install, I assume), wikiEd would make it a lot easier for you.

wikEd is a full-featured Wikipedia-integrated text editor that adds enhanced text processing functions to edit pages. Currently, it works not under Internet Explorer and Opera. wikEd is a complete rich-text pseudo-WYSIWYG editor and comes with many MediaWiki-specific features

It’s not WYSIWYG, obviously, but it has a lot of features that help you clean up and manage large swaths of wikitext.

You can use it on Wikipedia by enabling it under “My Preferences / Gadgets.”



  1. Deane,

    Not only can wikiEd be used with mediaWiki, it can also be used behind the firewall (if you load the JS and icons locally onto your server) which is good news for Corporate Wikis. I tried a TinyMCE hack for mediaWiki once, but it changed so much how content is filtered that I was worried about what would happen after an upgrade. wikiEd is the way to go for mediaWiki.


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