Apple Hates Developers

By Deane Barker on September 26, 2008

Don’t alienate developers: Apple is really screwing up this App Store thing. This is a good article with the sordid details.

Their first idiotic move was to place an NDA on a finished product like the iPhone SDK (including the final version). […]

Apple then decided that it was a good idea to charge people for the privilege to develop for the iPhone: $99 (that’s a hundred bucks, we are not idiots and this is not a grocery store). […]

Some [developers] spent months trying to create excellent, innovative applications for the iPhone, only to see their work rejected for no good reason other than that it competed with Apple’s own products (e.g. Podcaster) or was inconvenient for their business partner AT&T (e.g. NetShare).



  1. This is wholly in keeping with Jobs’ management style or, as accolytes may refer to it: “vision.” There’s no reason that Apple v2 should treat developers any differently than Apple v1 or NeXt.

    Reading the referenced article was like re-reading an old Doonsebury: vaguely amusing.


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