The Wiki and the Blog: Toward a Complex Adaptive Intelligence Community

By Deane Barker on September 23, 2008

Toward a Complex Adaptive Intelligence Community — Central Intelligence Agency: This was the original paper published by a CIA analyst that led to the creation of my topic-of-the-moment: Intellipedia.

The paper, written in 2005, explains why the Intelligence Community (IC) has to change, how how cultural this shift must become. The below quote is a great explanation of the shift that has to happen for wikis to work anywhere, not just in the IC.

Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps make a case that a successful virtual community is 90 percent culture and 10 percent technology. The most profound cultural change will be for IC managers to let go of their officers. Managers must trust their officers to share directly with each other and with the policy community. A manager’s role will become less command and control and more teacher of tradecraft and communicator of purpose and objectives. The IC will need to put into place powerful incentives and rewards for managers to change. Intelligence officers must feel encouraged by their managers to spend their workday engaged in sharing activities. These changes will allow the dynamic learning community to emerge.

Intellipedia was implemented seven months after this paper was published.