By Deane Barker on September 14, 2008

Elastic2 | WorkHabit: Adam and company over at WorkHabit are apparently going to take Drupal hosting to a new level.

I can tell you that Adam and Jon have forgotten more about Drupal than most people will ever know. Combine that knowledge with the hosting architecture they’ve put together, and you could likely run Drupal behind something on the order of CNN.

Social media is exploding and Drupal is one of the most commonly used platforms for building social media applications. Getting it to scale has been a significant challenge – until now.

Elastic2 is a new automatically scaling cloud-based hosting service that allows you to serve millions of users and billions of pages.

Millions, billions — any way you slice it, that’s a lot. I’ve seen a simplified version of the architecture they’ve put together, and it’s impressive.

AutoPilot looks interesting too:

AutoPilot is a complete build system that captures code and configuration changes from entire teams of developers, merges and synchronizes it, and then provides a framework for easy, consistent, and optionally, scheduled builds. Manual, error-prone, time-consuming builds are a thing of the past.

Things like this, Acquia and SpikeSource and pushing Drupal steadily into the enterprise. Bigger companies fear open-source more than you think (something we’ve seen firsthand — “We loved your presentation, but come back with something non-open source…”), but things like this can’t help but alay some of those concerns.



  1. Thanks Deane for the kind words. We’re pretty excited about Elastic2 and the add-ons like AutoPilot. Look for more goodies like this to be coming down the road in the future.

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