Spore’s DRM Irritates Customers

By Deane Barker on September 8, 2008

The People Have Spoken: ‘Spore’ Is Ruined By Its Own DRM: Will the DRM argument come to a head over Spore? Gamers are pissed at the Draconian DRM that comes with the game.

Judging by the reviews on Amazon.com (120 and counting) [103 are 1-star…], the public reaction to EA and Will Wright’s hugely-anticipated epic Sim-everything game, Spore, has been overwhelmingly negative.

The huge majority of the complaints seem to be aimed at one particular aspect of the game – not the gameplay itself, but EA’s decision to include the SecuROM DRM (Digital Rights Management) system. The much-maligned system only allows the game to be installed 3 times, before requiring a phone call to EA to request an extra activation.



  1. Most people have the whole idea of Securom and the 3 activations wrong..It’s not just a simple DRM, it installs seperately to the game without your knowledge..if you un-install the game..you don’t un-install the SecuRom, which makes it a rootkit (malware), so if you don’t know this, you will think it’s gone coz it hides in hidden folders and in your Registry, not to mention what it does to AV’s by disabling them and the damage it does to some of the PC”s hardware. The other issue I have with this type of Draconian DRM is that when you can’t afford the internet anymore, you can no longer Play a Game you Paid for, and that is wrong..most games aren’t played over the Net so why do we have to be connected to it. There is a lot bigger picture than what we’re seeing here right now, this is only a baby step to the end plan. I will not buy anything that is put out by EA anymore, even though I would love to buy Sims2 Ikea, Sims2 Apartment Life and Spore but I just don’t trust EA or Sony.

  2. It is a rootkit! Tell all your friends and local news networks. EA, and Sony need to be sued for everything they have, and for us to get free copies of all games bought after 2007!

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