Haunted Spice Rack On eBay

By on September 4, 2008

File this under strange things on eBay; a spice rack and a poltergeist in a package deal.

I purchased this spice rack at an old thrift shop a few months back and ever since paranormal and unexplainable things have been occuring… the sound of an elderly woman humming in the kitchen as if to entertain herself while baking, banging of pots and pans have also been heard. Spices… have rearranged themselves overnight… Whenever I’m in the kitchen I also feel like someone is watching me… Trying to sell it in hopes that the spirit haunting my kitchen will follow along with the spice rack once belonging to them in there physical life.

Wonder if the seller or buyer will somehow post a followup report; it’d be interesting to see if the haunting goes along with the rack or not.