By Deane Barker on August 29, 2008

Elgg.org: Last year, when I was a judge in Packt’s awards, I was in the “social networking” category, which was odd since I didn’t know a thing about it. But I was still impressed with Elgg, and I voted for it.

Flash forward a year, and I now a lot more about social networking. And Elgg has a new version out, and it’s even better than the last one. I set up a demo with it for a client, and they (and I) were just blown away by it.

Elgg is “Facebook in a box.” It installed for me in about five minutes, and the default functionality out of the box is crazy impressive. In working with it, I was struck that this could be a great intranet and collaboration platform for a company intranet.

We get requests all the time for “how much would it cost to build Facebook/LinkedIn/whatever.” With Elgg, we now have a huge head start on that answer.

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  1. hope elgg more serious to make strong social networking platform with user community support…because, since to much limitation in module, add on & themes, i have to think twice to use elgg for my new social site.

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