By Deane Barker on August 19, 2008

David Hasselhoff Social Network: The world is a slightly more wonderful place today.

Seriously. The following quote has to be read to be believed.

In my travels round the world I have always been surprised that no matter where I go people recognize and know me, from Europe, Australia and India to the Philippines and the Zulu Nation in South Africa. This got me thinking… I realized that while two people from two entirely different countries and backgrounds may seem to have nothing in common, the only thing they might have in common is me… So I decided to start a network where people from across the world might come together and get a conversation started over me. Where it will lead, I don’t know but the world would be a better place if everyone talked a little more to each other…

I don’t know what’s scarier — that this exists, or that it has 13,000+ members already. I’m guessing that the campiness of it all is just too good for people to resist.



  1. Wow that’s scary; he’s even serious.

    Guess I can truthfully tell my kids that the world doesn’t revolve around them; it revolves around David Hasselhoff.

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