Blend on Office Snapshots

By Deane Barker on August 18, 2008

Office Snapshots » Blend Interactive Offices: Blend’s office made the Office Snapshots blog this morning.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota isn’t usually the place I think about when I think of great looking, well-designed office spaces, but after seeing the Blend Interactive offices, that might change. This place is pretty dynamite looking with lots of character.



  1. There are some pretty cool offices on that site! I’m curious how they found ours. Before building out our space, I spent a lot of hours looking at sites like this for inspiration. Coming up next… the spiral staircase to the second level, right Deane?

  2. I really want to see what’s inside that safe.

    Congrats! You guys did a great job there, and it’s great to see it being noticed.

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