Something is different…

By Deane Barker on August 15, 2008

…but I just can’t put my finger on it.

We redesigned, finally. If you only ever read Gadgetopia through RSS, stop by the actual URL and take a look.

What Links Here


  1. Nice, that’s a definite improvement. However, am I the only one who can’t click on the comment count to bring the comment page? I have to use the permalink to get there, which is okay but a bit counter-intuitive.

  2. Very nice and simple design.

    I am amazed it came before Blend’s redesign. Blogging business must be really good. J/K!

  3. Nicely done!

    I’m with Manu though; the click to comments is missing. That was a late addition to the last version of the site, wasn’t it?

  4. Also, the right column doesn’t start until below the bottom of the left column. FYI, IE 6.0 (required by my employer, damnit!) at 1024×768.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your comments. I have linked the comment count, and search is working again. It’s not pretty, but it’s working.

  6. Excellent! I was definitely hoping that it was going to look good after all the hype! Seems smooth and a lot more intuitive than the last design that was up.

    (I’m still partial to the design you had 2 years ago ;) )

  7. Only thing I’d change is making your comments look different from the rest of ours.

    That idea is under heavy consideration. Not hi-lighting my comments specifically, but rather hi-lighting the comments of the author of the original post…which is usually me, I guess.

  8. It’s nice it just seems “empty” I guess is the right word. Plus that is one of the biggest footers I have ever seen.

    Can I go back to the RSS feed now? ;-)

  9. I like the look overall; the color scheme is nice, the fonts are clear and readable, and the page isn’t cluttered.

    I do have one gripe, though. The rich media ads in the right sidebar seemed to bring my machine to a crawl for 30-45 seconds once I gave focus to this tab. I was trying to go through a week without adblock plus, but that kind of thing makes it difficult to resist. I’m not certain that the ads on this page were solely responsible for the slowness, though. I might have some other process running that decided to wake up around the same time that I switched tabs.

    Oh well, I read gadgetopia through google reader at least 90% of the time, anyway, so as long as the feed didn’t suddenly sprout flash ads, I’ll be content. :)

  10. I like it, and I like the new logo a lot better, but I’m not crazy about the link styling. Yellow highlights already have a meaning on the web: a searched-for phrase. I think blue or red or black underlined links are just more clear and intuitive and consistent.

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