Ten Best Application UIs of 2008

By Deane Barker on August 12, 2008

Year’s 10 Best Application UIs: My hero and commander Jakob Nielsen has released the 10 best UIs for 2008. I’m familiar with two of them: Campaign Monitor and Wufoo, but the others are all new.

Nielsen, in his benevolent and eternal wisdom, noted some trends:

  • Dashbloard-style displays
  • Lightbox-style dialog boxes (the “Interaction Design Technique of the Year”)
  • Use of the Office 2007 ribbon

Jakob Nielsen is awesome. And always correct. (You pissed yet, Aaron?)



  1. Yeah, forgot to mention that. Nielsen doesn’t even know who Campaign Monitor is. (It’s a Freshview gig.) He’s just namedropping web2.o apps to appear hip hop.

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