The RIAA’s Bounty Hunter

By Deane Barker on July 31, 2003

Cyber sleuths hunt file-swappers: Want to know how the RIAA is going to find you? Probably using this guy:

“Mark Ishikawa, a former hacker, is the CEO of BayTSP, arguably one of the most recognised and biggest companies working in the business of patrolling the web to unmask violators of copyrighted music. From his Silicon Valley base he told BBC News Online: ‘There is no lock that can’t be picked and our technology ensures that there is not a rock in the world you can hide under if you are sharing files.’”

He claims later that PeerGuardian is essentially a joke. Another good tidbit:

“Mr Ishikawa says the company’s ‘digital fingerprinting’ enables BayTSP computers to identify songs and movies, even bad copies made with camcorders, based on 30 second snippets.”