The “Outside” MMORPG Sucks

By Deane Barker on July 8, 2008

“Outside” MMORPG reviewed: Thjis is a review of the new MMORPG called “outside.” Apparently it sucks.

Speaking of safety, despite the hostility of many of the players and the depth of the PvP system, it’s considered bad form to attack anyone except under very strict, very controlled circumstances. This is apparently because getting killed in the game actually removes you from the game forever. What genius thought that one up?

Aside from the constant and irritating fees the game has exhibits remarkable inflexibility compared to other MMORPGs available. You cannot create a new character to try out other roles or career choices or even start over when you realize you’ve hopelessly screwed up your current character. Although career change is possible, if you want to try out Electrical Engineering instead of Forestry and Wildlife, for example, you’ll be required to literally attend years in the newbie zones at great cost and financial risk to yourself and the rest of your guild (called a “family”).

An absolute riot, and it actually made me stop and think once or twice. It continues into the comments — I love collective humor, and the occasional post from some guy who doesn’t realize everyone else is in on the joke is funny too.



  1. ohhh goddamn it … I directly clicked the review link and read through it … and only in the comments did it finally hit me !!

    shit shit shit … I need a life man… :D :D

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