Microsoft Office Subscription

By Deane Barker on July 3, 2008

Microsoft to sell Office, security software subscription for $70 a year: This has been rumored for years.

I think it’s a response to the growing competition from things like OpenOffice, Google Docs, and the general lagging need for a productivity suite anymore. Office used to be simply required for a business user. Not so much anymore.

Microsoft will begin selling its Office programs to consumers on a subscription basis starting mid-July, in a bid to reach thrifty PC buyers who would otherwise pass on productivity software.

The software bundle, which also includes Microsoft’s Live OneCare computer security software, will be sold at nearly 700 Circuit City stores for $70 per year.



  1. … consumers who want to replace Office 2007 with “Office 14,”

    Crap. And my users are just now getting used to 2007.

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