Intel Says “No Thanks” To Vista

By on June 26, 2008

I support and manage a number of Windows desktops as part of my job, and have been a little frustrated lately, having to put off even trying Vista on our network because the database software package we run just doesn’t play well with anything but XP Pro. XP Pro is a must. Period, end of discussion.

And with Microsoft starting to play hardball, telling PC manufacturers that they have to quit selling machines with XP bundled & move to Vista, it appeared as though buying anything with XP Pro is only going to become more difficult as time goes on. Dell — the 500lb gorilla of the PC industry — is still selling machines with XP Pro preinstalled (with a Vista installer thrown in; what’s that saying about the value of Vista?), but even they will have to succumb to the 5,000lb gorilla at some point.

Then today I read a piece on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) about how chipmaker giant Intel has reportedly “found no compelling case for adopting Vista.”

What a relief. I feel a bit better now.

via NYT by way of TUAW



  1. Every time I check the OS numbers in Google Analytics for any site, I see the complete and total failure of Vista.

    On all the sites I monitor, the largest Vista penetration I’ve seen in GA is 21%. And it’s been out for 18 months.

    Total. Fail.

    I never tried Vista, so I was never exposed to the driver problems and slow performance that other people wrestled with. For me, Vista failed even before I could ever install it — quite simply, it offered no compelling reason to upgrade.

    Still, to this day, my impression of Vista is that it’s just a pretty theme for XP. Some of you may say, “Well, you need to learn more about it…” Why? It’s Microsoft’s job to compel me to upgrade. It’s not my job to go looking for a reason. If I have no reason in my head after 18 months are marketing, that’s Microsoft’s fault, not mine.

    I’ve seen a lot of commentary that interprets Microsoft’s increasing discussion of Windows 7 as evidence they’ve abandoned any hope of Vista succeeding in the marketplace and are moving on.

  2. It’s Monday morning, 2:30 am. I just had to deal with a new issue on my ever-smooth Vista system. (google it! try and make sense of the problem)

    Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification service. Apparently this prevents guest (or non-Administrative) users from logging in – but oh wait, the services requred for Internet is not working, either. Apparently this happened after some kind of update.

    I also looked into System Restore, only to find that this Windows XP-borne feature was disabled by default (MS? or HP?) and I have no restore points to revert to. Great!

  3. I’m totally frustrated by the quality of ANY Microsoft Windows product. Just recently I threw away my Vista install because it kept giving me blu-screens when playing a video (HTPC). I now also dumped my Windows 2003 Server and replaced it with Ubuntu. What a relief. The only problem remaining is that there is a performance issue with Samba. But still Ubuntu runs great. I could give a whole list of examples where Windows falls short and Ubuntu does the job. For instance: disconnecting an USB disk in Windows is something is only possible when Windows seems fit – but it won’t tell when that is or at least keep trying to unmount. Instead it just fails…Ubuntu informs you of an impending write to disk task and then after it finishes that task, it unmounts the usb-disk – that’s the way to go!

    I’ve been working in the ICT idustry for years and it a real shame to say what kind of quality level has been reached by this monster of an OS. (I’m familair with Unix, Linux and all the flavors of Windows (Vista of course a little less because I refuse to use this piece of Cr^%p).

  4. Vista is a Failed ATTEMPT! It is just a pretty version of Windows and is pathetic. I ran 2000 till I got a new computer with 07. So far 07 is rocking and im happy on all aspects. Im only a kikd so to be honost i didnt know anything besides Windows and vista even existed so I have no comment on anything else. I think Vista should not of been sold as a new type of windows… but as a skin for windows.. Yes – Vista looks cool.. But who gives a cr@p if it dont run.. who’s gonna see it….

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