Should I Wait for Android?

By Deane Barker on June 25, 2008

I need a new phone. I have had a Sanyo Katana for over a year, and I absolutely love it.

Sadly, however, it’s developed two characteristics which are undesirable in a phone:

  1. Sometimes, it just fails to ring
  2. Sometimes, it just shuts off

Additionally, the outer screen is broken. To find out who is calling, I have to answer. Given that I get a lot of sales reps who call me, this is a problem. Screening calls is not always rude.

I am holding out for a Android-powered phone. I really want one. They announced the other day that they’re still on track for Q4 2008 (though many manufacturers have pushed back their specific models back to 2009), which makes me think I should hold out, but how realistic does this seem to everyone?

Who here thinks Android phones will ship in Q4? Or should I just bite the bullet and buy the new Samsung Instinct, which I played with the other day and by which I was overwhelmed by its sheer awesomeness?

Update: Before you recommend an iPhone — we can’t get them here. Sioux Falls does not have AT&T service, thus no iPhone. There are all sorts of rumors that if you talk to “some guy” somewhere he can exploit some loophole and get you one, but, to date, I have never seen an iPhone in Sioux Falls.



  1. First versions of any hardware/software platform are often kind of rough. Even if Android phones do appear on December 30, I would be pretty surprised if they are entirely usable and quirk-free at launch.

    I hear Apple has a phone out that a lot of people like, and which has a v2 coming out in a couple of weeks. You might consider looking into that.

  2. So, your phone is crap, the Instinct is $130, and Android phones may not be out for a year. C’mon Deane, go with your Instinct.

  3. If you really want to screen calls, get an invite to GrandCentral. You can set that up to screen unknown callers. When they call, they have to state their name. You can choose to answer, let it go to voicemail and listen in (and jump in if you choose), or just let it go to voicemail. Unfortunately, you would have to get a new number, which doesn’t help with all the sales people that already know your number. Sales people are evil like that.

  4. @Justin, do you have any invites? I can’t find one anywhere. :*(

    gayclaiken at gmail dot com

    Thank you!!!

  5. I got an Instinct a week ago and I just love it…

    I would bet that Android is gonna have a tough time getting up and running so your wait may be longer than you think.


  6. Blackberry? Downside is that you are tied to the Blackberry network. We use them at SP and like them a lot. Maybe even love the.

  7. omg you should so wait for it, i haven’t even found how to buy apps yet. the dam thing freezes all the time, the app market doesn’t have enough categories, many apps don’t work properly (like the ones that use GPS, my earthquake alert keeps on telling me about ones in the europe, asia and australia yet i have it set to 150 km from Vancouver BC Canada), also the battery doesn’t last but apparently that is common among new phones, my last phone would go for 4-6 days without a recharge, my gphone is 6-8 hours and thats a liberal estimate.

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