Even Bill Gets the Usability Blues

By Deane Barker on June 25, 2008

Full text: An epic Bill Gates e-mail rant: This is so funny it almost has to be fake.

Back in 2003, Bill Gates himself tried to download Windows Movie Maker. He got so frustrated, he sent an email to a bunch of people at Microsoft. This is comedy gold.

I am quite disappointed at how Windows Usability has been going backwards and the program management groups don’t drive usability issues.

Let me give you my experience from yesterday. […]

The next 1,000 or so words is a full-blown riot as Bill recounts the horror of the Microsoft.com download section. He ends with this.

So after more than an hour of craziness and making my programs list garbage and being scared and seeing that Microsoft.com is a terrible website I haven’t run Moviemaker and I haven’t got the plus package.

The lack of attention to usability represented by these experiences blows my mind. I thought we had reached a low with Windows Network places or the messages I get when I try to use 802.11. (don’t you just love that root certificate message?)



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