Virtual Stuntmen

By Chris on July 31, 2003

A new simulation system has been developed in the UK that could soon take the place of real stuntmen in movies, for stunts that are deemed too dangerous for people.

“The software system Natural Motion has created, called Endorphin, is based around models of the human body that have been educated about the way that real muscles and bones work to create a convincing simulation of motion and reaction.”



  1. Related to this, I saw an interesting report on Dateline about “Bad Boys II.” Apparently Michael Bay wanted to shoot everything “real,” so the final chase scene uses no CGI.

    This is a pretty good for a scene involving bad guys throwing cars off a car carrier crusing down the highway. And they were throwing them at Will Smith in a Ferrari…Michael Bay’s real-life Ferrari, it turns out.

    They had a camera truck in front of the Ferrari that would ram the cars (and a boat) out of the way, clearing a path for Smith.

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