CNN Headline T-Shirts

By Deane Barker on June 14, 2008

CNN is doing something odd. Some of their headlines on their home page have a little t-shirt icon. Click it, and you get an ordering screen where you can order a t-shirt with that headline on it, as pictured above.

While…interesting, doesn’t this run the risk that editors will write headlines to be as “t-shirt marketable” as possible? And while this is vaguely interesting at first glance, won’t this get old quick? I mean, it’s kind of a one-trick pony, right?

“Hey, look at that dude with a headline on his shirt!! That’s crazy!!” I don’t know if it holds the same humor on the 20th viewing.

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  1. I guess they’re trying to cash in on the hipster DIY t-shirt crowd, but who wants to explain a) “what the headline is about” and b) “why, exactly, did you buy this” a week afterwards?

  2. I’m not a fan of FOX, but CNN’s unstated “We report, We decide” web strategy is very un-2.0ish-ical-like (say it out loud, it kind of makes sense) By this I mean that they allow commenting on certain articles (at first glance, the ones most apt to generate very polarized comments – a gay marriage article will have comments, while a “we have to fill space” type article won’t) and sell t-shirts for certain headlines. I want to know who they keep locked in what room that decides what articles get what extra features…

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