Microsoft Surface Install at Harrah’s

By Deane Barker on June 12, 2008

Microsoft and Harrah’s unveil high-tech interactive bar table : The Microsoft Surface video that came out last year was the butt of many jokes (“the future of computing will be a big-ass table…”), but lookie here…

Microsoft and Harrah’s Entertainment introduced a high-tech interactive bar table Wednesday that lets patrons order drinks, watch YouTube videos, play touch-screen games and even flirt with each other.

Not a bad price either, though I doubt it’s a money maker for Microsoft:

The six rectangular tables with built-in 30-inch flat screens using Microsoft Surface technology were installed in a lounge at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, with custom applications built for Harrah’s.

A spokeswoman for Microsoft said the units sold for a base price of $10,000.



  1. Oh, I’m sure they are loosing a lot of money on it as of now, but I doubt the purpose was really the table computers itself only. It looks like it’s a real-world multi-touch interaction experiment for the bigger plans like Windows 7 with multi-touch functionailty. They also said that they expect the price to come down enough in 3-5 years for consumers, By that time it might not need as much equipment inside it and you can mount these on your wall too hopefully.

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