Ding Dirk Bang Splat

By Deane Barker on June 12, 2008

ASCII Pronunciation Rules for Programmers: Here’s a great post with a reference to the odd names we have for various ASCII characters.

Quick, what is a “bracket”? Is it a “<” or a “[” or a “{“?

What is a “bang”? The odds of you knowing that one goes up proportionately with the amount of time you spend on a command line.

What the heck is an octothorpe? I know this as the pound key, but that turns out to be a US-centric word; most other cultures know it as the hash key.

I’m often surprised to hear what other programmers name their ASCII characters. Not that the words I personally use to identify my ASCII characters are any more correct, but there’s far more variability than you’d expect considering the rigid, highly literal mindset of most programmers.

When you want someone to type a UNC name, do you ever go “Go to ‘Start’, then ‘Run’, then type ‘whack whack…’”?