Content: The Afterthought

By Deane Barker on June 8, 2008

The Cure for Content-Delay Syndrome: ALA harps on something I was talking about years ago:

In the vast majority of website projects that I have managed during my ten years in the industry, content is often the last thing to be considered (and almost always the last thing to be delivered). We’ll spend hours, weeks, even months, doing user scenarios, site maps, wireframes, designs, schemas, and specifications—but content? It’s a disrespected line item in a schedule: “final content delivered.”

Four years ago, I said this:

Are you ready? Here it is: the big secret to a great Web site is…

Find people who like to write. And can write well.

Too many times I see Web sites being put together with no thought for the content that’s going to go in them. At the initial meeting, there are designers and programmers and project managers, but rarely do you find a writer. We’re so concerned with building the swimming pool that we often forget the water.

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