Zero to Beta in 100 Days

By Deane Barker on June 3, 2008

“Zero to Beta” in less than 100 days. What is this worth to you?: Here was an interesting question over at LinkedIn, and the interesting discussion that followed it.

Okay all of you entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Here’s the scenario….you have an idea for a new web-based product or service offering. Along comes a consultancy that claims that they can help you go from back-of-the-napkin scribbles to a working, production-ready, beta version in less than 100 days. What is this worth to you?

The discussion was spirited:

This is worth 0. change it “Zero to Beta in 10 days” and maybe you’ll succeed

[…] I hate to be the cynic but when you deal with large clients there are almost always delays. Large businesses that are paying $100k+ are usually unwilling to really go barebones and cut the fat to make it happen in a crunch if the only benefit is the accelerated timeline.

[…] I agree wholeheartedly with the answers here that say that the 100 day timeline is WAY WAY WAY too long….we’ve built 3 startups in 21 days or less! If maybe the name was Zero to VC Cashout in 100 days – that might work a lot better!