High Speed Rail Coming to California

By Deane Barker on May 14, 2008

California Building 220 MPH High-Speed Train from San Francisco to LA: This is so cool I could spit. When this is done, I will fly to LA and take this train north. Provided I am still alive.

After getting a green light by State environmental impact assessors, [the California High-Speed Rail Authority has] begun implementation of an 800-mile bullet-train system that will connect Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Valley, Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, Orange County and San Diego. Trains traveling at 220 mph on the systems are forecast to carry up to 100 million passengers per year by 2030.



  1. i wil love to see the days when americans look into better, more efficient forms of transportation:Trains,metro,and high speed rail

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