Dell is Really Selling Ubuntu Machines

By Deane Barker on May 1, 2008

Last year, on this date, we posted that Dell was going to start selling Ubuntu-powered machines. We said:

Is this the moment desktop Linux proponents have been waiting for all these years?

This story came up in the “On This Day” section in the sidebar this morning, and I got to wondering about it. I had never heard anything else about it, and I thought, “Was that just another stunt press release about the mythical ‘Linux on the Desktop’?”

So, I went looking at Dell’s site, and I’m happy to report, that, sure enough, here are the Dell Ubuntu computers. They have four models — three laptops and one desktop. I went through the configuration process for the high-end XPS laptop, and you can apparently pimp out a Dell Ubuntu machine quite handily.

Nice going, Dell.

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  1. I have to give credit to the OpenSource community! An install of Ubuntu is using a graphical interface (compare that to all those character based Windows installers). Maybe it’s just eye-candy, but isn’t that what Windows is all about? Also, it will actually recognize more network cards than most Windows installers…so you can actually upgrade your computer without the hassle of disks after the fresh install…

    Windows still falls short in the multi-user / roaming profile category….after all these years!! When even at home a network is a common thing…such a shame….

    Way to go Dell!!

    Sure, Ubuntu (or any Linux package) might have its shortcomings, but is actually evolving into becoming better, Windows isn’t, just look at Vista…

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