F1 Gets a Boost

By Deane Barker on April 22, 2008

Formula 1 Racing to Go Hybrid from 2009-2013: This is neat from both a geek perspective and from a competitive perspective.

The biggest difference between KERS and a regular battery-electric hybrid is that KERS stores recovered waste energy in a rotating flywheel. Instead of converting waste energy into electricity and than back into useful energy again with an electric motor, KERS simply transfers the kenetic energy to a ~5kg flywheel in the F1 car’s transmission. The energy stored in the flywheel can then be used by the driver by pushing a “boost” button.

The “boost” button will align F1 with all those racing video games I played in the 80s. Drivers will need to “charge their boost” — I wonder if they’ll get a little progress bar which will grow as they earn boost back. Think of the fun n trailing driver will have coming up behind another driver who is out of boost.

Seriously — this will be an absolute riot on the track.



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