“Not only am I unintimidated by litigation; I sometimes rather miss it.”

By Deane Barker on April 15, 2008

Blue Jeans Cable Strikes Back – Response to Monster Cable : If you’re fan of intellectual property bullies getting their comupence, then this letter is for you.

Monster Cable — perhaps the king of useless products — sent a cease-and-desist letter to a tiny audio cable manufacturer with grandiose and vague claims of the patents he was supposedly infringing. Sadly for Monster, the owner of the company was a former litigator.

He proceeds to completely eviscerate Monster’s claims in his letter and promises them that he will fight the claim to its nasty, bitter end.

My sense, in looking at these five patents, is that either you are attempting to present some argument that I simply do not understand or you are arguing for untenably broad coverage of these patents which would sweep every functional aspect of the typical solder-assembly RCA connector within the scope of a handful of mere design patents.

You need to clarify this, and frankly, I think you need to indicate to me which, if any, of these patents you actually contend are relevant to the present discussion. It cannot possibly be that you believe that more than one of these patents is pertinent, and if you insist that they are, we cannot have an intelligent dialogue on this subject.

The entire letter is an absolute joy to read. I loved every minute of it.