Blend Offices Flickr Photoset

By Deane Barker on April 11, 2008

We took a cue from our arch-rivals over at Electric Pulp and finally created a Flickr account (give us six years or so, and we’re bound to pick up on a new trend or two).

Our first activity is a photoset of the Blend Offices. So, take a tour and learn about the safe, the robot, the gnome and everything else that makes Blend a fascinating place to work.



  1. Where is the foosball table? Pool? Wii? Basketball Hoop?…oh wait, I forgot, you guys actually work :) Office does look great though…al la Martha or is it Karla – Stewart?

    You guys and EP have inspired me…I may now feel compelled to do a photo shoot of Scooters with our “corner desk.” Maybe even get our Office Manager Tom to pose.

    On a serious note though – very professional photo set. Solid image.

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