Outsourcing HTML/CSS

By Deane Barker on April 8, 2008

Make sure machines dig your designs: XHTMLized: These guys do outsourced HTML/CSS, nothing else. You send them a PSD, they send you back HTML/CSS.

Look super in all major browsers […] Optimized for search engines […] Accessibly ready for everyone […]

They have a little slider on their site that you can adjust between number of page designs and number days. One page in seven days is $249; in one day it’s $499.

I know this isn’t new, but it’s interesting in its focus. At what point does HTML/CSS become a commodity? At what point in the maturation of you as a developer does it not pay to wrestle with basic HTML issues anymore and instead concentrate on larger =, more strategic development issues?

I actually enjoy HTML/CSS quite a bit, so I’m not ready to be a customer anytime soon, but I know there’s a lot of shops that could benefit from this.