Quickbooks in Your iPhone

By Deane Barker on March 30, 2008

We use Quickbooks Online for Blend’s accounting. We’re relatively happy with it, but when I logged in today, I saw the above image, which is pretty cool:

As a QuickBooks Online subscriber, you can now view key company data anywhere you can use your iPhone.

Check your: Accounts receivable and payable …Vendor, customer, and employee lists…Bank account and credit card balances…Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reports

I know app on your phone are nothing new, but the iPhone’s screen size and built-in usability has enabled a lot better apps. Look at the image above — I’m not going to get that kind of usability with my Sanyo Katana, as much as I love it.



  1. We’ve been using QB Online for years… and for years we’ve (lots of users) been YELLING for the ability to use alternate browsers. Apparently, you have to be trendy and have an iPhone to get QB Online staff to listen. At least the mobile version does work okay in firefox.

    I guess it’s a start… right?

  2. and for years we’ve (lots of users) been YELLING for the ability to use alternate browsers.

    No kidding. Not going to happen though — they’re so far into ActiveX they can’t even see their way out. To re-code that monster would be a nightmare.

  3. Thanks for posting about this, Deane. I tried it in Firefox 2, and it’s actually a decent experience. With some Greasemonkey hacking it would be down right usable. :)

    Maybe someone will build an iPhone “emulator” for Firefox…

  4. Your DESKTOP QuickBooks data can be viewed on the iPhone. Type QuickBooks in App Store, and you’ll be able to download it.

    Full disclosure: I developed it! This is only a READ version. Our pipeline looks like this. OpCenter.SEND (to send existing estimates, invoices, income statements etc.) OpCenter.WRITE (to create estimates, invoices, orders, etc.) OpCenter.spanish OpCenter.mac We’re releasing them @ 1 per month.

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