eZ Publish Commercial Support Explained

By Deane Barker on March 25, 2008

Blend Interactive is a certified partner of the eZ publish content management system. eZ Systems, the company behind eZ publish, sells commercial support for the system.

However, this is sometimes (often, actually) hard to explain to potential customers. It’s commercial…but it’s open-source…huh?

To try and solve this, we wrote a document to definitively explain how this works:

eZ publish: Support and Licensing Explained (90KB PDF)

Some of you out there in the content management world will find this interesting, as it provides a good example of the “supported open-source” model that some companies are operating under these days. This document is a little Blend-specific (we toss in consulting hours with an eZ support agreement purchase), but is otherwise generic to the eZ Publish Premium support plan sold by eZ Systems.



  1. Interesting…I’ve always had trouble understanding the various pricing and support models over at eZ Systems. I find the whole eZ Publish/eZ Publish NOW/eZ Publish Premium breakdown confusing as well. It used to be so simple!

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