Music Sharing ISP Surcharge

By Deane Barker on March 14, 2008

Music Industry Proposes a Piracy Surcharge on ISPs: An interesting article about a plan that Big Media is warming up to. It was proposed a long time ago, but immediately dismissed.

Griffin’s idea is to collect a fee from internet service providers — something like $5 per user per month — and put it into a pool that would be used to compensate songwriters, performers, publishers and music labels. A collecting agency would divvy up the money according to artists’ popularity on P2P sites, just as ASCAP and BMI pay songwriters for broadcasts and live performances of their work.

The entire tone of the article indicates that the RIAA is on the verge of giving up, meaning they’ve been stone-cold beaten by the market. They tried to stop file-sharing, but they’re no better off than they were.

Meanwhile, the industry’s antipiracy efforts appear more and more futile. Digital rights management, long touted as a solution, has been all but abandoned.

I wasn’t aware of this, but I’m glad they’ve finally woken up the fact that DRM will never work.



  1. Why would an honest person be willing to pay $5 because the RIAA can’t collect from the people who should be paying? I’m refering to those to do not participate in P2P activety. So does this mean that when I start paying $5, then I am entitled to all the P2P actively my connection can handle?

  2. So does this mean that when I start paying $5, then I am entitled to all the P2P actively my connection can handle?

    Yes, I believe it does. I think this is an attempt to make file-sharing legal by making everyone pay for it, so P2P becomes as legal as anything else.

    I think something like this would eviscerate iTunes.

  3. To say that the idea is completely pathetic would be an understatement. I have never and will never download anything illegally; period. So why should I pay 5 bucks along with millions of others to help prop up a dying business model?

    Plus do you really think the artists will see any of this money? At this very moment artist are considering suing the RIAA to find out where their cut of the money the RIAA has collected from suppsed files sharing cases. Let the RIAA die to allow us to reconnect with the true talent behind music, the artists.

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