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By Deane Barker on July 30, 2003

GROKLAW: A blog devoted solely to the SCO / IBM / Linux soap opera.



  1. What has Linux got to do with witchcraft? Well both movements formed communities without formalized hierarchial power. Hundreds of years ago this idea of people being treated as equal, intelligent, contributing (to whatever) human beings threatened the power structure of the ruling elite at the time (ie the churches). So the ruling elite killed, tortured, burned 3 million witches in Europe.

    Moving on to the 21st Century, the Worlds Governments are trying to implement a digital dictatorship where your computer is used as a monitoring device. For this you need centralised control over your software (hence the existance of Microsoft) and you also need an insecure system (hence windows).

    Linux threatens this power structure, which is why despite the ridiculous position SCO is in, it is almost certain to win the case. The US Government is going to make sure of it.

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