Windmill Destruction

By Deane Barker on February 24, 2008

Windmill going wild and finally break: For all our talk about the safety and cleanliness of wind power, this video is pretty interesting. Some really strong winds in Denmark spin this windmill until it self-destructs. Fascinating.



  1. The problem isn’t that the wind got too high, it’s that the overspeed protection mechanism failed. Windmills are expected to be in windy places, so they’re designed to regulate their own speed. The old fashioned windmills you see running farm pumps across the country do this by rotating out of the path of the wind. You can also use inductive or mechanical braking, or rotate the blades on the hub to reduce their lift (which is what the Air 403 does). I believe that the industrial units (like this one) use a combination of the above, but that they’re all actively controlled. If that overspeed controller fails, you get what you see in the video.

  2. It’s certainly better than an oil spill or a coal-train derailment!

    Or a hydroelectric-dam burst, or a nuclear meltdown.

    all in all, I’d say wind power was pretty safe, unless you happen to be standing around like a retard when the tubine is spinning like crazy.

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