Wiki Markup is Doomed

By Deane Barker on February 21, 2008

Wiki markup has no future: I really agree with this. Even though I love Markdown (indeed, Blend wrote the Markdown extension for eZ publish), there’s a large group of users who will never warm up to it and really shouldn’t have to.

Ok, I’m going to confront the elephant in the room: wiki markup has no future. I know I’m going to burnt at the stake by all the wiki fanatics, but let me give a few reasons…

[…] Back in the bad old days, you needed to know all those strange HTML tags in order to publish a web page. Recognising that this wasn’t desirable, we’ve worked very hard to develop publishing tools (FrontPage, Dreamweaver, content management systems) that eliminate the need for this knowledge.

[…] So along comes wikis, and voila, a new set of markup to learn!

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  1. Wiki markup may not have a future as a standard but it certainly helps you get the job done. WYSIWYG will never give you as much satisfaction as writing the code yourself. I am using wiki on my Web sites to let the client manage the content. It is a perfect solution for CMS.

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