Jakob Nielsen Haters Rejoice

By Deane Barker on July 30, 2003

Boxes and Arrows: Report Review: Nielsen/Norman Group’s Usability Return on Investment: The Nielsen/Normam Group has made a nice living from selling their reports on usability. These reports are often considered the Holy Grail of usability experts….except for these two guys, apparently. They bought one of the reports — “Usability Return on Investment” — and weren’t happy with it. Here, they explain in detail why:

“Unfortunately, the NN/g report does not seem to follow this advice. Although it does make a reasonable anecdotal case for investing in usability, the report methodology is so fundamentally flawed that any financial analyst worth her salt would immediately question its findings. Very simply, the authors do not make a strong business case for usability — a requirement for passing the muster with the accountants and senior managers who have ultimate accountability for profit and loss in a business.”