Wilcraft Ice Fishing Rig

By on February 18, 2008

I saw an ad for this thing on tv tonight; the Wilcraft ice fishing rig. “Because trucks don’t float.”

The ad aired during the Kent Hrbek Outdoors Show, and made me laugh out loud. I mean, a purpose-built $10,000 buggy made for rapid deployment for… ice fishermen?

Roll this bad boy off your trailer, drive out to your favorite spot (using your GPS, of course), drop the bottom down on the ice, pop up the tent top, drill a couple of holes and you’re in. Hear about a hot spot somewhere else on the lake? Pull in the lines, drop the tent top, lift the bottom, start the engine, and you’re off in seconds flat. Thin ice in between the spots? No problemo. This baby floats. If the snow is deep, all you need is the optional Track System; next best thing to a snow cat.

I think some people have just too much time & money on their hands. How long until we see photos of a redneck-built version, made from a jonboat and an old 4-wheeler? Or maybe that came first.



  1. Think of what this could do for disabled sportsman. I have a child in a wheelchair and I am going to buy one.

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