eBay Boycott: Are they serious this time?

By Deane Barker on February 16, 2008

EBay seller boycott set to start Monday: I know there have been eBay boycott’s before, but this one seems to have some real heft behind it. CNN has been reporting on it regularly, and there’s more push behind this one than I’ve ever seen.

The boycott, planned to run Feb. 19 – 25, is scheduled to overlap eBay’s Feb. 20 rollout of significant changes announced last month.

Sellers say eBay’s new policies are likely to cost them more money, but what’s really inspired an outpouring of wrath is an adjustment to eBay’s feedback system: sellers will no longer be able to leave negative commentary about their buyers. Critics say that will leave sellers vulnerable to negligent bidders and scammers.