Copilot Free on Weekends

By Deane Barker on January 25, 2008

Copilot is now free on weekends: I swear, Joel Spolsky is like the greatest guy, ever.

Well, recently we figured out that we’re paying for a lot of bandwidth over the weekends that we don’t need, so we decided to make Copilot absolutely free on weekends. Yep, that’s right… free as in zero dollars, free, no cost, no credit card, no email address, nothing.



  1. guys come on give me a break.. it’s fine that he’s making it free on weekends, but it’s a marketing gimick — it doesn’t make him a great guy.

  2. What makes him the greatest guy ever is that he understands real marketing. You’ll find most companies would never dream of doing something like this because they’d be afraid that everyone would just wait until the weekend to take care of their business. Joel trusts people and his product enough to actually do this, and that makes him great.

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