A Better SEAL Boat

By Deane Barker on January 14, 2008

New boat aims to make SEALs’ travels less painful: Apparently, Navy SEALs get their butts kicked by the delivery boats that get them to shore.

Fighter jet pilots are subjected to forces up to 10 times the pull of gravity, but the Mark V has produced forces upward of 20 Gs slamming against waves, said Lt. Damon Shearer, senior medical officer of Naval Special Warfare Group 4.

Soon after the vessel went into service, the Navy began getting reports of injuries.

Though it responded by installing shock-absorbing seats, there continues to be a problem with back, neck and joint injuries that occur over time […]

The Navy has engineered a new boat that runs smoother through the waves. Who would of thought that ride quality was a mission critical issue?