Plaxo For Sale

By Deane Barker on January 3, 2008

Social Net Site Is Said to Be for Sale: How can they ask $100 million for this?

Plaxo, an early social networking site that helps people keep their address books updated, is up for auction, people briefed on the offering said Wednesday night. The company, which has not made a profit, is seeking as much as $100 million, these people said.

It’s never made a profit, it sucks on top of that, and most people hate it. Yet they have the cohones to ask for $100 million. Why is that? Oh yeah, because they have the contact information of millions of people to barter with. Nice.



  1. What can we say, Stacy; you left an impression. Not a positive one mind you, but definitely an impression.

    So, Stacy; what’s the insider’s spin on this news?

  2. There is still the evil reptilian brain twitching somewhere in that organization or its ecosystem. Earlier this week, I got an email from someone saying they “accepted” my friend request from Plaxo. I have not emailed this person in over a year. I never use Plaxo. I stopped using AIM because of Plaxo. Yet the reptilian reflex to spam innocent parties continues to live and function, outside of my control, using my good name.

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