Gadgetopia’s Top Content of 2007

By Deane Barker on January 2, 2008

I looked through Google Analytics and found the top posts of the last year.

What you have to understand, however, is that 80% of our content comes from search engines (most of that from Google), so this list doesn’t represent what Gadgetopia readers were interested in. It just shows an intersection of (1) what the public was searching for, and (2) what Gadgetopia posts got well-positioned in Google.

  1. Tea Games
  2. The Cell Phone Water Detection Sticker
  3. T-Rex
  4. Installshield Update Manager
  5. Bitlord

Notice a pattern? Each post was named for the subject, and nothing else. So the TITLE tag of the post page was for the exact same search phrase someone would use to find it. Some things in SEO ain’t that hard.

Here are the top posts by comments gathered throughout the year.

  1. The Cell Phone Water Detection Sticker
  2. Intelius
  3. Geek Squad
  4. Why Macs Suck
  5. Why Mac Ads Suck

As for numbers #4 and #5 there, I can only assume that “Macs” and “suck” just go together when searching the Net.

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