Big Medium 2.0

By Deane Barker on December 26, 2007

Big Medium Features (Global Moxie): Josh Clark has finally released Big Medium 2.0.

I subscribe to his blog, and I kept seeing release notifications going up and I was wondering what he was doing, but it turns out that Josh wants to deliver something odd in the world of commercial software: a quality product.

I know, I know — it’s rare that you hear of these types of products, but they do exist. Big Medium 2.0 took over 60 released builds and a full year of active beta testing, which is more impressive when you consider that Josh is a one-man shop.

Follow the link above to view the feature list and some screencaps. I really like that Josh has addressed my frustration with image and file handling, and has implemented image vs. file abstractions. Oh, and I got him to include versioning as well. I rule.

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