Microsoft and Eolas Settle

By Deane Barker on December 13, 2007

Microsoft removes ActiveX activation warning from IE: The Eolas debacle has apparently ended. Microsoft paid them off and hopes to update all IE versions by April 2008.

For an undisclosed sum, the software maker has licensed the patented technology in question from Eolas, allowing it to modify IE6 and 7 for both Windows XP and Vista to remove the “click to activate” step for ActiveX plug-ins.

Problem is, you can’t stop using SWFObject just yet. While it’s great they fixed this, this had the effect of essentially introducing a bug that we’ll have to account for into perpetuity. At best, it’ll be years before you can safely go back to a standard HTML embed.



  1. Congratulations Eolas. You’ve managed to extort money out of consumers. Maybe if you’d spent more on programmers than lawyers you might have had people pay you for your stuff rather than getting us to pay you for something that someone else developed. The US Patent Office is broken. Come on US citizens, get off your backsides and make democracy work, tell them to stop stifling innovation.

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