Yahoo! Answers Sucks

By Deane Barker on December 10, 2007

Why Yahoo! Answers is a librarian’s worst nightmare: Great article from Slate that mirrors how I feel about Yahoo! Answers: it’s total crap. The answers are complete garbage.

The blockbuster success of Yahoo! Answers is all the more surprising once you spend a few days using the site. While Answers is a valuable window into how people look for information online, it looks like a complete disaster as a traditional reference tool. It encourages bad research habits, rewards people who post things that aren’t true, and frequently labels factual errors as correct information. It’s every middle-school teacher’s worst nightmare about the Web.

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  1. Strangely Wikipedia has been criticized for the same thing

    There’s really no comparison. Spend a little time on Yahoo! Answers and you’ll understand.

  2. I was using yahoo answers for a few months and at first it was fun and interesting but soon it turned into a nightmare. I normally asked and answered questions in the politics and government section. I eventually rose to level 3 and had built a list of 14 contacts who shared my political leanings, but soon i began to get numerous violation notices. Once for using the word yadda yadda in response to a question about why all republicans use girl avatars. Eventually they suspended not only yahoo answers but messenger and email services as well. Yahoo answers is a political witch hunt forum and if you dont fall in line with the politically correct crowd they will use it against you.

  3. I dont go to yahoo answers anymore is horrible information filled with BS best answers,trolls,point gamers,account deletions and dick heads. Ill take my information from reputable sources.

  4. Oh one more thing. It fills the internet with trash Q&A do a google search and what do you know yahoo answers trash!

  5. Yahoo! Answers is OK. There are the few that know what they are doing and stick to a particular section answering questions reliably. I have noticed that Yahoo! Answers is plagued with, as someone else stated, assholes. LOL People who do not agree with your answer or where you found it find it easy to begin publically humiliating and harassing you via e-mail. Quite nutz. Some people need a life.

  6. I do NOT agree with any of you. I on the other hand think yahoo! answers is a fantastic site that helps a lot of people. You cannot simply “google search” some specific questions like:

    “what was the name of that song that was featured in this movie that was made in the 70’s but forgot the name of? The movie is about…”

    So you see, yahoo answers in in fact a very helpful site built upon a brilliant concept. Just because a some dumb individuals ask dumb questions that can be easily googled doesn’t mean that the whole concept is dumb.

  7. Yahoo Answers is truly a nightmare, nothing but crap. Most of the answers that I have read are wrong, and when correct, the asker may not agree with it. Sometimes the asker already has his mind made up regarding a question and is just looking for reinforcement for his false beliefs.

    The whole concept is not dumb, but downright stupid. No honest question is dumb but the answers are just horrible, horrible, horrible.

    Regarding the poster “thelonewayfare” just read his question he poses. Only God almighty can answer that question.

  8. While I don’t completely dislike Yahoo Answers, I believe that it should be only for social questioning, which it is mostly used for. I’m a college student, but even since high school I’ve known that Yahoo Answers and even Wikipedia are not appropriate research tools. I take everything I read with a grain of salt. My other problem is that they put a time limit on getting answers, so therefore if there aren’t any good answers after 3days, then the answers that are posted are what other people read.

  9. Yahoo! Answers is a pure extreme left wing liberal website run by the same kind of people. They don’t want to hear honest answers to questions that don’t have an approved extreme left wing liberal answer. I was banned for using the word penis as part of my answer, to a lady who asked a question of why she had only conceived and gave birth to boys. My answer was 100% honest and widly accpeted in the medical community. Yet the extreme left wing liberal lady got offended and sicked Yahoo! on me. What’s more, I voted Democrat in the last election and I’m probably going to vote Democrat in this election. I can’t stand the thought of having such narow minded people claim to be part of the Democrat side of politics. Feel free to copy paste and email these words to whoever you want. Someone needs to level Yahoo! They practice anti-American politics.

  10. Was active for a month or two. Spammers took over and most questioners were 14 asking for homework help.

    If you need tehcnical answers, experts-exchange rules

  11. This the second time they have suspended my account and I have no idea why. I answered debt related questions and google adsense questions and at times provided a link for reference… I read their TOS 4 times and still cannot determine why I was suspended.. unbelievable…

  12. yahoo sucks its such a birch life a bitch a bitch a shit in my ass i wanna make sex with someone like with no clothes

  13. I was suspended too. And don’t know why. I think my answers were very helpful. First time, i think yahoo answer is interesting. But now i think the terms were too ridiculous. I’m no longer be using yahoo answer.

  14. I just find the moderation on Yahoo answers unbelievable Recently got banned and cannot get a response as to why Agree that some of the best answers are grossly inadequate but hey it’s the asker that decides most of the time and it is his/her needs that matters

    My real beef with Yahoo answers is the Guilty without rocourse stance. Someone complains about your answer, In this case not sure why and Bham, account cancelled no questions asked

    There are a few alternatives on the web so it’s not a huge loss but it would be nice if someone at Yahoo actually took the time to look into some of these complaints

  15. I found my BANN a tad funny… Many upon many responses with most voted number 1 by asker. I get banned because of one questions after years or responding…My ban was for being racists “RACISIST???” reason why!

    Q: I own a landscaping business in the Midwest (United States). Is there a place that I can hire illegal workers?

    A: I would not recommend doing something like that. The INS has really cracked down on businesses that hire non papered workers. Since 9/11 the government is even fining business owners thousands of dollars if caught. Try looking at your local college or even high school if you are looking for part time labor. Best of luck.

    ^^^^^ The above response as I have said, got me banned for being racial? Go figure….I really wonder if a person from yahoo support located in India just got made or something? Because I advised the honest truth.

  16. yahoo ought to get sued for $47.50 personal damages under free speech,and 700 million bucks to a worthy charity for fn vios/deletes,,,,,any posted q or a oughta be shown,,,unless you threaten someone with an ak-47,etc etc,or use n delegates/abrogates responsibility for enforcing community guidelines to dingbats,,,,these clowns made hundreds of millions(?) of bucks selling software to the chinese for efficient censorship of their billion five hundred million people

  17. I just wrote Yahoo answers an email demanding that they delete my account. Yahoo answers is full of idiots and morons whose Idea of answering a question is to see how rude and nasty they can be to the asker.

    These are the most brain dead people I have ever come across on the internet, which is saying a lot. I wouldn’t return to Yahoo answers if somebody had a gun pointed at me. What a bunch of fruitloops.

  18. yahoo answers is not brilliant nor a good idea.. it’s a crap idea with the most poorly attained answers ever. you’ve got to be kidding me, this place is not a valid resource for information.

    waste of bandwidth and yet again, yahoo just stole the idea from another group of people.

  19. I think, before I start to contribute my valuable time to a service such as Yahoo Answers, I should do a Google search of ”[insert service name here] sucks” as it is usually enlightening.

    I signed up for Google Answers yesterday to help people, took a lot of time to answer 20 mostly computer related questions, and sat back to await what I hoped would be the windfall of points from Best Answers chosen. What I actually saw the next morning was a 12 point hit (-2 for answer deleted, -10 for violation of terms of service) for answering a question about whether or not you could load Mac OS X on an x86 platform. My answer was (in many more words than this) “yes, and here are a few links showing you how to do this.” I’m guessing that it was probably some stupid DCMA violation, Yahoo freaking out about getting sued or something, but when they deleted the answer, they gave me no reason for why it was removed, simply telling me that the answer was removed as it violated their Terms of Service.

    I immediately figured out how to appeal the decision and they sent me back a message to my Yahoo account (which I rarely check, because you have to PAY to POP or forward your mail – idiots) stating that their decision stood, that I had, indeed, violated their Terms of Service and that the answer would not be reinstated. They did not tell me how I violated their terms (by citing what I said or did), nor did they tell me which terms I violated (by citing the term or terms themselves).

    So I sent them back a reply explaining that their service clearly does not welcome well reasoned, rational, scientific-method focused individuals on their site, and that I feel extremely unwelcome. I obviously made some recommendations for improvement (i.e., please cite the actual term or terms violated as a bare minimum, and it should only take a split second to cut and paste a quote of the item in question to say “here is what you said”).

    Having an appeals process which basically sends you to a human who looks at the submission in question, and makes a thumbs up or thumbs down without any discussion, debate or analysis – well, that’s just useless. Plus, I believe they actually have a 10 point additional hit to your numbers if you ask for an appeal and it fails!

    Finally, what if I wrote a paragraph or two, and only one sentence or word was in question? Why aren’t I given the ability as an author to quickly edit the offending part of the submission out? To have your entire submission deleted out of hand without the ability to correct is rather draconian!

    So, having said that, unless Yahoo Answers seriously turns its customer service around, I would highly advise all rational, reasonable people to discontinue use of this service. Giving Yahoo your intellectual property is NOT the way to go. Use an open source service like Wikipedia instead. They are much more likely to take your information and treat it respectfully.

  20. Yahoo Answers is terrible, it’s true, but I have to call BS on what people are saying about the politics section being run by liberals. That is a lie! The politcs section on Yahoo Answers is full of right-wing extremists, if anything, not left wing. There was a woman on there who joked about the only way of achieving world peace being through the extermination of all Democrats, liberals in specific, and when Ted Kennedy died there were numerous pointless questions being asked mocking the death of Mr. Kennedy. It’s truly a hellhole. There is no decency, there are no civil discussions. All there is hate, fear, and ignorance.

  21. Yahoo Answers is terrible, it’s true, but I have to call BS on what people are saying about the politics section being run by liberals. That is a lie! The politcs section on Yahoo Answers is full of right-wing extremists, if anything, not left wing. There was a woman on there who joked about the only way of achieving world peace being through the extermination of all Democrats, liberals in specific, and when Ted Kennedy died there were numerous pointless questions being asked mocking the death of Mr. Kennedy. It’s truly a hellhole. There is no decency, there are no civil discussions. All there is fear, hate, and ignorance.

  22. I agree 100%. Yahoo Answers is a terrible idea. Many times, I have tried to answer the question in the proper way only to realize/remember that it’s not possible. Even though a question is answered incorrectly, it remains there frozen in time. It’s a terrible concept. Surely, there’s a better way.

  23. Yahoo answers is gives Yahoo a bad name.

    When you ask a question you get to be dictator-for-a-day and to vote on the best answer to your own question whether it’s correct or not. If you don’t choose an answer, then people will vote on an answer often without regard to whether it’s correct or not.

    The whole problem is that there is

    -no incentive for providing a correct answer. -no disincentive for voting for an incorrect answer.

    It’s basically just anarchy. And it can get pretty ugly.

    It really isn’t comparable to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is trying to do something serious and is actually pretty useful about 95% of the time. It is lightyears away from Yahoo Answers.

  24. WTF Dr Aron? You don’t like YA answers because it’s Liberal left wing yet you VOTE for liberal left wing? Isn’t that a double statement?

  25. Yahoo Insults-40 percent insults 40 percent no source information 5 percent wikipedia 9 percent good answers 1 percent.

  26. It’s true its run by liberal moderators. To anyone who thinks this is not true is a complete idiot. I tested it. I made an account praising gays, atheists, obama, feminism. My answers never got deleted. As soon as I asked question in oppostion to these things in a kind non hateful manner BAM questions deleted or BAM account suspended. I tested this several times and came up with the same results. Fuck yahoo answers.

  27. You think YA is bad! Try going to Quora in which you can’t even READ answers unless you sign up to them!

  28. Yahoo Answer is biased against kindness right or left wing! Yahoo Answers are what is known as an energy vampire that seeks to destroy all positive life forms.

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