AIM from Your Cell Phone

By Deane Barker on July 29, 2003

AIM on your cellphone: Does someone want to try this and let us know how well it works?

Today I stumbled across some very interesting documentation on how to use AOL Instant Messenger on your cellphone WITHOUT having to pay for web access and without buying an expensive ‘AIM ready’ phone.



  1. I know the 4646 technique was working for AT&T Wireless six months ago. Since then I switched to T-Mobile and AT&T Wireless was acquired by Cingular so I don’t know if it still works. It works for T-Mobile.

    The problem is that each message counts against your SMS usage. It may be less expensive to use an AIM ready phone and a data account, like the Sidekick from T-Mobile. It depends on how many messages you send.

  2. Once like 5 weeks agao i signed on nd it never signed off so i been on ever since then i tried everything to sign off nd nothing works. even when i have my phone off it does not turn off…if any one can tell me how to get off a new way e-mail me at

  3. Yea i have been looking for ways to im me buddies with out useing my moms isde kick2 cuz shes gets really annoyed when i forget to sighn off and my friends imher and i just have a regular flip phone with web stuff but like when i type in its all gay so please email me back when u now how i can fix it p.s. i have uncell so yea that might be the problum : ) thanks kiki

  4. does it cost extra money to use aim on an aim-ready-phone? and does it take away from ur minutes and stuff?

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