XP getting faster. Vista, not so much.

By Deane Barker on December 1, 2007

Will XP fill need for speed in 2008 better than Vista?: Could the Vista situation get worse? XP SP3 is coming next year, as is Vista SP1.

Wellington, Fla.-based Devil Mountain Software ran several versions of XP and Vista through a test simulating common desktop computing tasks. It found the original Vista performed 50% to 100% slower than the prevalent XP Service Pack 2, or SP2.

Vista SP1, due out in the first quarter of 2008, barely improved the operating system’s performance.

But XP SP3, scheduled for the first half of 2008, did improve on XP’s earlier performance, running 10% faster than SP2.



  1. Wouldn’t 100% slower mean that it never completes? For instance, What’s 100% slower than something that takes one minute?

  2. This story seems to keep losing more detail, each echo chamber it bounces through.

    Unless they reran different tests, the “benchmarks” Devil Mountain ran were Office centric and involved a lot of window switching. XP SP3 includes some Office specific performance enhancements, and Vista’s default settings have longer (and hence slower) window animations than XP. You do the math.

    Vista runs fine as long as you have even a marginal system from the past few years. I find that Vista Ultimate runs better for me than XP Pro did. Maybe because I’m using 2GB of ReadyBoost. I dunno.

    Remember all the doom ‘n gloom about XP being slower than 98 and win2k? It was. Just like 98 was slower than 95, and 95 was slower than 3.11. Who cares? Upgrade those 486s already!

  3. I’m running Vista with AMD Turion 64X2, with 2GB ram on my Presario laptop. :-) I’m a happy camper and find little reason to “upgrade to XP” (as in the PR lady episode of “Hi I’m a Mac”).

  4. It’s me again. My laptop is now dual booting XP and Vista. I made a new partition with Vista’s “Compress free space” feature.

    The Royale visual style looks so much better than Vista Basic. My only regret is not giving XP more space (50 out of 150 GB), seeing as though I will seldom boot into Vista again.

    Hypocrite I am!! :-)

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